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GM Letter

 Dear Valued Customers

The Phu Thinh I hotel was established on 10th January 1995 and has been operating for over 20 years.  The Phu Thinh group is continuously developing and improving its service quality standards and infrastructure in order to meet the expectation and satisfaction of our guests. 

Being located in the heart of the Hoi An Old Town, the hotel is close to many of the famous tourist highlights, such as the Japanese Bridge, Phuoc Kien, Quang Kieu Assembly Halls, and Hoi An local market.  The hotel was designed and built in the traditional Hoi An architectural style.  It has 90 spacious bedrooms, all well-equipped to 4-star standard.  During a stay at our hotel you can explore and experience the real hospitality and lifestyle of Hoi An local people.

The former Phu Thinh II hotel has now been renamed Phú Thịnh Boutique Resort & Spa  after an extensive renovation.  It has 90 bedrooms and a variety of high-quality services and facilities set in attractive surroundings, which are impressive both in domestic and international tourists.  

The local cuisine of Hoi An is the highlight of any visit to this town.  Consequently, our renovations included an upgrade of our Lily Restaurant, and the creation of the Brenn‘s Bar, both of which incorporate between traditional and Western architectural features.  They are located along side the extensive and beautiful natural lotus pond and swimming pool.

In addition, we have established our luxurious Jasmine Spa which provides customers with pure relaxation and a variety of treatments.

An unforgettable experience would be to join the cooking class at our hotel, where guests can learn to prepare several traditional Hoi An specialities such as Cao Lau, My Quang, Tam Huu, and Hoi An spring rolls.

All our staff and management team are self-motivated, responsible, creative and active.  Our united goal is to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

We look forward to welcoming new and repeat clients, and hope that you will share your feedback at the following email address: info@phuthinhhotels.com.

Yours sincerely,


Hua Thi Anh

General Manager

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